Fun And Creative Kids Craft To Try At Home

Now that the holidays are around the corner and kids are free from school and have endless hours of free time, keeping them busy with something or the other is a definite hard task. Their need to go wild and explore becomes even more since they are free from school and this makes your job even harder. The best way to use this excitement they have in them is to let them try out a few crafts on their own thus keeping them occupied in one place. Here are a couple ideas;

Stamped craft

You could take your kids to a child development center in Hong Kong to have some fun with other kids their age or you could make their stay at home fun by trying out a few stamped crafts. This may be the good old way of having fun but it certainly is something interesting to do even at present rather than spending time on a smartphone or tab. Set aside a couple of vegetables and paint to create your masterpiece, you could stick to the usual potatoes or try out bell peppers and ladies fingers for even cooler stamps. Use a t-shirt to make your print on or a canvas board too could work for this and don’t forget to have fun stamping!

Foam paint

This is something unique that wouldn’t be taught in a usual art class for kids. This form of paint is made by combining shaving cream, craft glue and food colouring. What makes this so interesting and unique is that once this mixture is combined in a ziploc bag and is pipped out, it solidifies when left overnight. This gives it a whole new and different texture than any other regular paint you may come across. Visit 

Silly face book

Using little cards made in the shape of flash cards you could make this silly book. Draw a couple of funny faces on different boards and join them to form a flip book. Flip the pages and have fun laughing at the funny faces and combos this flip book makes.


This is something that is interesting and disgusting in a weird way at the same time depending on the colour you may use to make this. Combine clear glue, liquid starch and food colouring of whatever desired colour to make this oozy and gooey slime and have fun messing around with it.

Jewellery craft

Did you know you could make jewellery using magazine papers and popsicle sticks? Well you certainly can if you didn’t know. Using magazines and rolling it up in a bead form you could make a necklace and if you soak the popsicle sticks in a water for quite the while they become bendable thus making it possible to turn them in to bracelets. You could paint over them in a way you like or washi tape them to give them a cool new look.

Have fun with your kids building and trying out these little crafts. Give them also the freedom to create some crafts on their own and have fun!