Prepping For Your First Day Of Preschool!

Preschool is an important step in the education for your little one. It’s not only the first step towards a very long time in school and educational institutions and also the first time you will be letting your little one to the world, without you behind to guide them.

A good idea before the first day of your child’s well known international kindergarten is to prep yourchild by maybe organising a few rounds of play dates with friends, colleagues, family or neighbours. Depending on the school your little one is enrolling in. You could perhaps ask if the administration could organise an open day for mommies, daddies and the little ones. 

It’s important for your little one to be exposed to smaller groups of children especially ifhe or she is the only child and is not usually around other children as much or the only child in the family. This would help your baby boy or baby girl get used to playing with other children, and also learn more important qualities like compromise, sharing with others learning to be in an environment with other children at the international preschool. 

As parents, be sure to ensure that your child feels supportive and trustworthy around youas this would take some time for your child to be comfortable around the teachers, teaching assistants and other school administrative staff who are all adults. Make your child feel welcome at home, be sure to let your child know that you are okay with letting them out and out of your sight, because they too, like you feel that sense of attachment and trouble of letting go. 

Over weekends another activity to do is maybe spend some time with your child to find out what they like and don’t like about school. Maybe you could help out him or her out with what they find difficult and work on it over the weekend. Or you could take him or her out to get their mind off school and on a weekend filled with play! It’s also a great time for you as parents to unwind and do something fun and let go of the worries of the week.

So be sure to stay calm, be okay with letting go of your little one and into a new of their own, so they too would feel secure enough to be on their own! After all, nursery is the first of a very long time in school and other educational institutions. Good luck!