Security Measures To Take For A Public Event

Public functions, such as concerts, shows, bazaars, exhibits or just fun fairs, are always fun to attend. There are a lot of exciting things to do or see as well as an opportunity to meet new people. However security is paramount at such events, especially in the current times of terror attacks, stampedes, health hazards and safety issues. Organizers of the events must consider all the safety and health aspects to ensure smooth functioning of the concerned program.

One of the primary arrangements, especially for a public event is security personnel. There must be security guards and related staff that is trained or who have undergone security courses to have the knowledge of what to do in times of distress. They must be able to recognize people who might create a ruckus and watch out for them. Similarly, they must identify situations that might flare up into something big and be prepared beforehand to handle such situations.

Security could be needed at various levels for the event, right from safety control of VIPs to management of crowd, manned guarding to security of backstage and perimeter areas and manning the car parking area to patrolling of public areas. The personnel employed for these tasks could either be temporary, permanent or might even be volunteers. But they must have the correct licenses for their respective duties. For instance, the permanent or temporary staff appointed for management of crowd must ideally have done a crowd control course and have a license for the same. Usually, volunteers do not need licenses for the duties they perform. Thus, the organizers must initially identify the employment status of the personnel, such as contract basis, in-house staff or volunteers, and then create job descriptions for them which help determining whether or not licenses are needed for the said person and his duty.

Other pointers for the security of an event include ensuring that the security staff is familiar with the layout of the site for the event and thus are capable of helping public at all times. The staff must also be given uniforms that are easily identifiable, such as high visibility jackets for manned guards and similar t-shirts for backstage staff. The stewards must also be aware of entry and exit point locations, location of fire-fighting equipment and that of first aid. All the staffers must be briefed of emergency situations and the procedures as well as their role in it.

Summing up, the security of an event, in terms of the layout of the site, building and the stage as well as security measures for the performers as well as the crowd is important. This ensures smooth, glitches free functioning of the event and that is what the organizers want.